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The value for the companies lies in Rose-Hulman Ventures' abilities to deliver prototypes as diverse as the companies, while allowing companies to keep the intellectual property. The deliverable may be a working prototype ready for immediate commercialization in areas such as automotive, medical devices, robotics and software development. Or a prototype may be in the form of systems testing, process optimization and automated laboratory equipment. Regardless of the type of application, the technology is configured in innovative ways to address specific challenges identified by the clients.

Ways to leverage Rose-Hulman Ventures

Companies leverage the skills of the top engineering students and faculty within Rose-Hulman’s nationally recognized programs. Companies recognize that at least some portion of their priority development work is outside their own core competence or pushes the limits of their internal resources. We can provide access to specialized expertise and a fresh perspective. Others consider us a resource that administers on-campus internships, possibly in coordination with their own summer internship programs. What better way to identify and bring up to speed prospective new hires than to expose students to your best-practices and culture?

Company sizes and locations

Rose-Hulman Ventures successfully collaborates with companies of all sizes – start-ups, growth-stage, and global corporations. Our client base operates locally, regionally, and at the national and global levels. The majority of our clients are located across Indiana. However, we also work with companies outside Indiana that bring a unique learning experience for our students.

Simply put, we help companies to:

  • Develop new products
  • Implement new technologies
  • Expand markets
  • Increase speed to market
  • Utilize additional resources