Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rose-Hulman Ventures?

Rose-Hulman Ventures, a program of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers students the best engineering professional practice experience possible within an academic program.  That means hands-on projects in collaboration with real clients where outcomes are both educational to students and value add to companies. This unique combination creates career opportunities for new graduates and the development of innovative solutions for technology companies. We are located on a 180-acre Certified Technology Park in a state-of-the-art 35,000 square-foot facility on the south campus of Rose-Hulman.

What kinds of companies are of interest to Rose-Hulman Ventures?

A company with a scope of work requiring activities including design, prototyping, testing and process improvement is a great candidate. Since RHV’s inception, student interns have advanced the commercialization of technology for companies enabling them to launch new products or penetrate new markets.  More about our clients

What are the advantages to companies?

Companies leverage Rose-Hulman Ventures in the following ways:

  • Interaction with one of the best engineering institutions in the country

    Rose-Hulman Ventures provides an opportunity to work with some of the top engineering students, faculty, project managers and within Rose-Hulman’s national recognized engineering programs. For the 13th consecutive year, U.S. News & World Report magazine lists Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology No. 1 among all colleges and universities that offer the bachelor’s or master’s as the top degree in engineering.
  • Drive progress on specific engineering challenges

    Our expertise spans of a wide range of engineering disciplines including biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, optical, and software. We adhere to client specifications and industry standards while identifying technologies enabling companies to meet specific project requirements, on schedule and on budget.
  • Expand current engineering resources

    Many companies discover at least some portion of its technical development work is outside its core competence. We provide access to specialized expertise or a fresh perspective through project managers, multidisciplinary teams of students, and faculty.
  • Manage on-campus internships

    Some companies consider us a resource to administer on-campus internships, possibly in coordination with their own summer internship programs. You outline the project requirements and our project managers oversee and manage the student interns in our facility. What a great opportunity to identify, interact, and observe prospective new hires. By exposing student interns to your best-practices and culture, they will be able to hit the ground running immediately after graduation.

I am a Rose student. How do I apply for an internship?

Rose-Hulman Ventures is like few other employment opportunities on campus. You need to apply for an internship at Ventures as you would apply for most off-campus employment opportunities. You need to get to know us, give us the opportunity to know you, and be patient. Do that by submitting your resume and visiting our booth at the career fair. Only then will we know your capabilities and if you are a good match as new clients and projects begin. This is not work-study or senior projects. There is not a list of projects ready to launch just waiting for manpower. Ventures runs as a business and hires as needs arise. Each newly funded project has its own needs, so if you don’t get hired immediately, be patient, and stay connected.

When can projects start?

We’re ready to begin anytime. Projects are not limited by an academic calendar. Once the project requirements are defined, agreements signed, and student interns are hired the project is off and running.

What is the educational advantage?

RHV interns gain a strategic advantage over other engineering students. RHV becomes, if you will, the last mile of their educational experience where interns are afforded an opportunity to operate in a professional mode prior to graduation, but in conjunction with their academic studies.  Interns gain the skills and experience to launch their careers knowing that they are well prepared for any engineering challenge.  Seniors report this experience makes a difference between an offer for an entry-level engineering position and an offer for a higher-level position with more responsibility and compensation.  Read about student experiences in their own words.

What are the successes?

Over 120 companies have trusted Rose-Hulman Ventures with the technical development of its products and services. During this period we provided 2,325 internship opportunities (757 students) ranging from the technical development of medical devices to analytical instrumentation. Success stories.

What are the fees?

The services we offer focus on concept generation,prototyping, design, or testing. We provide expertise from any combination of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's academic programs. Fees are based on the scope of work required to complete the project work.

How was Rose-Hulman Ventures established?

The Lilly Endowment recognized a need to nurture the opportunities for education and innovation in Indiana and awarded a $30 million grant to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1999 to establish Rose-Hulman Ventures. The Lilly Endowment Inc. awarded Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology a $24.9 million grant in 2002 to build upon the success of programs at Rose-Hulman Ventures and to expand the educational and professional practice experiences for Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology students and faculty.