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Rose-Hulman Ventures project managers take some of the finest students and match them with real companies and real projects. The Rose-Hulman Ventures experience reinforces and enhances classroom knowledge through hands-on applications and interaction with project managers, faculty, student interns and company executives.

The students are part of an educational process that goes far beyond applying technical expertise. They learn the skills, attributes and qualities necessary to enable them to practice engineering in a professional manner. This learning opportunity is one that distinguishes a Rose-Hulman education and a Rose-Hulman student from other engineering students.

Rose-Hulman Ventures’ interns learn how to approach problems in real-world context and dissect them, apply their engineering skills, and find a solution. Interns then are required to communicate the engineering solutions to technical and non-technical professionals.

It’s an incredible formula for student education.

To get engineering experience while you are a student, send your resume to "" and be sure to visit our booth at the next Rose-Hulman Career Fair.

Read about student experiences in their own words.

Why a Rose-Hulman Ventures Internship?

Rose-Hulman students often have a choice of internships. What makes ours unique?

  • Apply engineering skills in the context of real-world engineering projects.
  • Assist technology-driven businesses in the design, prototyping, and testing of products and services.
  • Work under the direction of project managers and faculty.
  • Gain experience in teamwork and communication skills.
  • Reinforce and enhance classroom knowledge through hands-on applications.
  • Learn additional skills making you more marketable to recruiters.
  • Offer flexible hours around class schedules. Full-time during the summer.