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How Rose-Hulman Ventures Works

Define Project

  • Clients and project managers together define a solid project scope that accelerates the company’s technical and business needs while engaging student interns in the technical development.
  • Each member of the student team signs a non-disclosure agreement prior to employment.

Execute Project

  • Clients work closely with the student teams and project manager on the technical development and project status. Interaction with the teams is encouraged.
  • Project managers lead teams of academically talented students who have proven success in developing cutting-edge, innovative products and services for medical, industrial and information technology markets.
  • Student interns apply their engineering skills in the context of real-world projects and are exposed to the unstructured technical, business and financial issues surrounding the project that influence their technical work and decisions. They receive unique and valuable educational experiences while clients benefit from the resources of one of the finest engineering institutions in the country.
  • The projects are truly multidisciplinary. We leverage expertise from any combination of Rose-Hulman’s academic programs including faculty and staff.

Project Delivery

  • Project delivery takes many forms. It can be a prototype used in a trade show to potential new customers. It can be a prototype that directly moves into the commercial production phase.
  • The flexibility of the program allows a project to begin at any time. We are not restricted by an academic calendar.


  • The services we offer focus on concept generation, prototyping, design, or testing. Fees are based on the scope of work required to complete the project work.

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