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With Ventures, XSoft is Making County Tax Data Easier to Understand and Manage

If you look up your property tax data online, you might be surprised how much information is available. You’ll find the year you bought your home, how much you paid, and the number of bathrooms in your house, among other things. You’ll also find some far more obscure information, such as your parcel number, advertised tax rate, and tax bill ID number.

This trove of information is splayed out in a language easily understood by professional appraisers and county tax officials, but not necessarily by your average homeowner. Nor is the information necessarily up-to-date.

This is where XSoft enters the picture. An Indiana-based business with more than a decade of experience making property tax information easily accessible and organized for county governments, the company is ready to revolutionize how property taxes are recorded and managed in the Hoosier state.

XSoft has been working with Ventures for several months on a new software product the company is calling Engage. Engage organizes property tax information in a way that’s easily understood by property owners, easily searchable, and up-to-date. It will also make tax assessments and bills easier to understand, and show property owners where their tax dollars are going.

“We wanted to present the information in easily digestible chunks,” says Scott Stephens, vice president of business development for XSoft. “I knew Ventures would be a good fit.”

The Ventures team has included Rose-Hulman students with a wide range of expertise, including a strong understanding of how to make Engage easy to use on mobile devices. The students bring a fresh perspective to the development process that XSoft values, says Brian Bucher, president and founder of the company.

“They’ve been great,” Bucher says. “We feel like they’ve been an extension of our team,” adds Stephens.

XSoft, which currently manages property tax data for 66 of Indiana’s 92 counties, is hoping to launch Engage in counties throughout Indiana before the end of the year.

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