Facing Down Major Challenges

From cybersecurity to health care, Ventures business partners are often at the forefront of combating national and global challenges.

eRAMx, a long-time Ventures partner, is no exception. The Evansville, Indiana-based company is focused on remote medication monitoring for the sole purpose of improving participant health outcomes. By digitizing the process, supported by video and picture reference back-up, eRAMx has made this practice more accessible, scalable, and cost efficient.

It sounds like a lot to ask from one company, but it all comes from a single mobile app introduced by eRAMx and developed in partnership with the team at Ventures over the past three years.

“We’ve developed a very strong relationship with the folks at Ventures,” says Jeff Milner, senior vice president of eRAMx.

Ventures has helped eRAMx create a mobile app that creates a much-needed efficiency. It provides real-time, two-way visual/audio communication between authorized personnel and a participant. The app makes it possible to observe individuals under court supervision, and/or physician-ordered medication regimens taking their meds. In addition, the app allows individuals on parole or probation to be remotely monitored for abstinence adherence and can even be utilized to conduct virtual searches of the participant’s property, when appropriate.

The beauty of eRAMx is its ability to enable health care workers and public safety officials to increase engagement frequency, while monitoring at-risk individuals without costly home visits or requiring trips to a clinic, or a centralized office. Mental health issues, addiction issues, criminal recidivism rates, and medication non-compliance continue to be linked.

“The eRAMx system allows us to monitor 24/7,” says Les Shively, a Superior Court Judge in Southern Indiana where the app is in use. “If [offenders/patients] stay on their meds, they don’t reoffend.”

The app differs from FaceTime and other two-way visual apps in several ways. First, the mobile application is a secure, proprietary platform. It automatically identifies the Geo-location of the individual being monitored, sends out appointment reminders, creates a log of all calls, allows for video and image storage, and signals an individual through a programmed series of pre-alerts, when his or her phone camera is about to be activated.

“We’ve designed this with HIPPA compliance in mind, focusing on the administrative, technical and physical safeguards required when dealing with an individual’s PHI” Milner says.

The eRAMx app has already been utilized in Indiana and Georgia, Milner says, adding that concerns over face-to-face communication raised by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) have greatly accelerated demand for the app.

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