Student interns are part of an educational process that goes beyond applying technical expertise. They learn skills, attributes, and qualities necessary to enable them to practice engineering in a professional manner. This learning opportunity distinguishes a Rose-Hulman education and Rose-Hulman Ventures interns from other engineering students.

Our interns learn to approach real-world design problems, to dissect them, apply engineering skills, and find innovative solutions for client projects. Interns also learn to communicate project solutions to technical and non-technical professionals.

If you are interested in gaining real-world engineering expertise as a student intern, visit our booth at the next Rose-Hulman career fair, or submit your resume to

The Educational advantage

Rose-Hulman Ventures interns work professionally prior to graduation, but in conjunction with their academic studies. Interns gain the skills and experience to launch their careers and are well prepared for any engineering challenge. Seniors report that this experience makes a difference between an offer for an entry-level engineering position and an offer for a higher-level position with more responsibility and compensation. In fact, many of our interns go on to work for the same companies that they built a relationship with while working on their client projects at Ventures. Then often come full circle and work with Ventures as a client themselves!

How To Apply

You need to apply for an internship at Rose-Hulman Ventures as you would apply for most off-campus employment opportunities. Submit your resume and cover letter or visit our booth at the career fair. Once we have your information and know your capabilities, we can match you with clients and projects when they begin. Rose-Hulman Ventures runs as a business and hires as needs arise. Each newly funded project has its own needs, so if you don’t get hired immediately, stay connected with us for future opportunities.