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How to Make a Successful Internship

2020-05-16T17:17:15-04:00News, Tech Insights|

At Ventures, we employ scores of Rose-Hulman student interns every year to work closely with our clients on product development and innovation. As a result, our interns get valuable real-world work experience while our client companies gain potential new employees while benefiting from the fresh perspectives, boundless energy and strong work ethic the interns bring to every assignment.

A Delicate Operation: Launching a New Medical Device

2020-05-16T17:14:12-04:00News, Tech Insights|

Bringing a new medical device to market involves much more than having a good idea. Does the product infringe on existing patents? Can it clear regulatory hurdles? Can it be economically mass produced? With the explosive growth of the life sciences industry in Indiana, answering these questions has become increasingly important.