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Ventures Helps Actuarial Students Reach Career Goals

What’s the likelihood a teenager will crash his first car? At what age should someone qualify for a government pension? Is it a good idea to take higher pay or a more generous health care package?

To find the answers, ask an actuary.

Actuaries apply math, statistics and business knowledge to mountains of historical data to calculate the financial costs of risk and uncertainty. They frequently work for governments, pension plan providers and the insurance industry.

Because risk and uncertainty are ever present, there’s plenty of interesting work for actuaries to do and demand for their services is growing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of actuarial jobs to increase 22 percent between now and 2026 – a rate well above average.

To become a certified actuary, you must pass a series of challenging exams. That’s where The Infinite Actuary enters the picture.

TIA provides online lectures, discussion forums, videos and practice tests to help aspiring actuaries achieve their dream. Since its founding in 2007, the company has assisted more than 20,000 people preparing for their actuarial exams.

Earlier this year, TIA reached out to Ventures for help with a major upgrade to the Android version of their mobile app. Before the upgrade, there was a big difference between the company’s Android app and its iOS version. It was up to interns and project managers at Ventures to iron out the differences by improving the Android version.

“The result is a big upgrade for our [Android] customers,” says Andy Reece, marketing specialist for The Infinite Actuary. This is the first time TIA has used Ventures for a project, and the company has been very pleased with results, he says.

“They have a really great team over there,” Reece says. “Very professional, and great communication. It’s really been a top-notch, great experience.”

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