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Aardvark Delivers Faster, Clearer Results Thanks to Ventures

Home inspections are a true hold-your-breath moment for house sellers and buyers. They can clear the way for a smooth transaction or, if the results are bad, derail the deal. In either case, inspections should be thorough, easy-to-understand and delivered as quickly as possible.

Aardvark Home Inspectors, one of the nation’s biggest inspection companies, has been in business for 20 years. And the company has come to rely on Ventures to help it deliver what its customers expect.

Most recently, Ventures gave Aardvark’s home inspection software a complete upgrade, allowing inspectors to work faster while making their reports more uniform and easier to understand. The upgrades eliminated much of the routine typing involved in writing a report while adding new features, such as inserting photographs into corresponding sections, instead of at the back, as was previously the standard.

“Ventures was able to redesign our software and basically give it a complete makeover,” says Dave Klima, Aardvark’s cofounder and president. “I like the upgrades that were made to the program and I found working with Rose-Hulman Ventures to be very easy and cost effective.”

Aardvark, which operates in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, conducts thousands of home inspections each year. Saving time while making inspections easier to understand results in valuable savings for everyone involved. Aardvark’s inspections can be emailed to customers as soon as they are completed, Klima adds.

Cousins Dave and Steve Klima started Aardvark 20 years ago as a pest-control company. Aardvark now employs 31 people in three states and is one of the nation’s largest full-service home-inspection companies.

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