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Respiratory Technology

Engineered Medical Systems Inc.

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Engineered Medical Systems, Inc. specializes in bringing new medical equipment to the people who need it most. The company, with internationally certified medical device manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis and Malaysia, makes a variety of medical devices in the disposable air management field and also electronic medical devices.

EMS turned to Rose-Hulman Ventures recently when it was facing a new project but unsure which of two initial production tracks to follow. Getting the answer required some fundamental early-stage research comparing mechanical and electro-mechanical options. It was up to Ventures to explore both options, develop competing prototypes and give EMS the information it needed to make the best move.

“This project needed a bit more on the research side than a normal project,” says Brad Wheeler, senior engineering manager with EMS. While EMS specializes in concept, design and manufacturing, Rose-Hulman Ventures provided a strong research component often not required in the company’s projects, he said.

“There are several ways of doing anything,” Wheeler notes. By developing competing prototypes, Rose-Hulman Ventures helped EMS identify plusses and minuses for different starting points for this particular project. As a bonus, in the process of their work, the team at Rose-Hulman Ventures produced a “clever” sensing mechanism that EMS had not considered before, he adds.

Rose-Hulman Ventures has a long history of helping companies bring new medical devices to market, including ER equipment, blood test analysis software and brain surgery equipment.

“I’ve been very impressed with the work that’s come out of there,” Wheeler says of the Rose-Hulman Ventures experience. “I’ve enjoyed the team, both the full-time staff and the students. I’m sure we’ll continue to do projects over there.”

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Respiratory technology




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