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Rose-Hulman Ventures takes educational hands-on projects to a whole new dimension. It is a unique operational model for university/industry interaction. Rose-Hulman Ventures produces solutions to industrial technology challenges, keeps intellectual property with the client and maintains confidentiality.

When students walk through the doors at Rose-Hulman Ventures, five minutes from the main campus, they enter a model of the industrial world. They are engineers working on real projects in designated work areas patterned after the companies they work for. They are a part of a professional staff and a multidisciplinary team of fellow interns with a dedicated infrastructure including office and lab space, workstations, lab equipment and software tools.

The portfolio of projects spans many industry segments and technologies including projects such as determining how to design another kidney measuring tool, how to develop a product to improve the survival chances for victims of heart disease, and how to develop a device that makes removing otherwise inoperable brain tumors easy work. It’s a whole world of new problems that needs engineering tools and exceptional engineers to solve.

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  • Rose-Hulman Ventures bridges the gap between research and the marketplace.
  • Companies keep all intellectual property.
  • Virtually all of the projects are 'innovation stage' as opposed to research focused.
  • Company representatives, full-time staff project managers and faculty mentors work with multidisciplinary student teams
  • The technical expertise at Rose-Hulman Ventures was used to launch new products or to penetrate new markets in six countries.