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Our Secret to Success

2020-05-16T16:42:36-04:00News, Tech Insights|

At Rose-Hulman Ventures, we drive value for our clients by providing solutions to engineering problems across a wide range of disciplines and domains. Surprisingly, we accomplish this while placing Rose-Hulman students in key roles for project success.

A Road M-app – Submitting Your App to the App Store

2020-03-05T21:17:47-05:00News, Tech Insights|

The application world is changing; companies today want an “app” more than they want traditional desktop applications. An “app” is a mobile application designed to run on iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile. Many new companies even forgo a full web presence and launch solely in the mobile space.

Cloud Computing

2020-03-05T21:07:04-05:00News, Tech Insights|

Cloud Computing Amazon Web Services – IT in the Cloud Perhaps one of the more costly and difficult problems facing small software businesses is the need to provide and maintain computing infrastructure for their services in an era of increasing dependence on network-connected, mobile technologies. These applications require network resources such as web servers,

FBGA, TQFN, and other four letters to know when building circuit boards

2020-03-05T20:15:10-05:00News, Tech Insights|

FBGA, TQFN, and other four letters to know when building circuit boards Miniaturization of product and devices is the designer’s eternal struggle. “Smaller, faster, cheaper” has been and is the mantra of not only the consumer device world, but design in general. More and more applications demand more features from less space using less