Access the Ventures Talent Pipeline

Rose-Hulman Ventures is best known for bringing imaginative solutions to product development. But we are increasingly known for filling another equally important role for our clients: establishing an effective pipeline into the Rose-Hulman talent pool.

With a national labor shortage in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, competition is fierce for graduates. Working with Ventures gives companies an inside track, introducing their culture and product line to our aspiring Rose-Hulman engineers, computer scientists and other specialists.

Direct Supply, for example, a leader in the senior living industry, identifies promising Rose-Hulman talent–often as young as freshmen—at the institute’s annual career fairs. The company then asks Ventures to hire those students for ongoing Direct Supply projects and later ferries the students to the company’s Milwaukee headquarters for summer internships that often result in full-time employment later on.

Another client, Edgile, a risk management consultancy, also has used its Ventures ties to create a strong talent pipeline. Many Ventures interns have been hired directly by Edgile; other interns have recommended the company to fellow students.

“This network has been a great talent pipeline for us,” says Edgile director and senior architect Will Mathies, a former Ventures project manager hired by Edgile in 2012. In all, the company has hired 22 people associated with Rose-Hulman during the last four years.

This is the time to begin working with tomorrow’s most promising graduates—especially those who already understand your company from the inside and have earned a degree from the nation’s top-ranked undergraduate engineering college. We know Ventures can provide the talent your company will need to face tomorrow’s challenges.