NICO Using Clinical Trial to Reach Neurosurgeons

For Indianapolis-based Neorosurgical Intervention Company (NICO), revolutionizing brain surgery was only the first step. The next—and equally challenging—step is to get more doctors to adopt their path-breaking surgical methods, as noted by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

To do that, NICO is launching a large-scale clinical trial through a randomized study of roughly 300 patients suffering from hemorrhagic stroke. The trial, headed by Emory University School of Medicine, will compare NICO’s method of evacuating blood from the brain with traditional approaches. The company hopes that the study will convince more physicians to take a closer look at what it has to offer.

To reach an abnormality in the brain, standard surgery involves cutting directly through the brain’s “white matter,” which is responsible for many cognitive and functional responses. In contrast, NICO’s minimally invasive BrainPath technology carefully follows the folds and fibers in the brain, causing minimal tissue damage and reducing long-term neurological side effects.

The difference for patients is dramatic. Tumors previously regarded as inoperable no longer are, recovery times are dramatically reduced, and incision points are much smaller.

NICO’s BrainPath technology works equally well with tumors, strokes, or other brain abnormalities. Currently, more than 600 surgeons have successfully performed approximately 3,000 procedures across the country using the BrainPath approach.

Engineers and student interns at Rose-Hulman Ventures have been helping NICO develop their game-changing medical devices for several years, and we remain fully committed to helping the company transform the way people think about brain surgery.

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