No Game: Taking Some of the Risk Out of Life

From the pills in your medicine cabinet to the semi-trailers you encounter on the highway, Ventures helped make the world a little safer in 2017.

We helped Arrtythmotech advance technology to reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks. We helped Probo Medical make diagnostic medical equipment less costly and more widely available. Our work with Sano Informed Prescribing made it easier for doctors and patients to avoid dangerous drug interactions. And our partnership with OmniSite aided their continued work making cellular/web-based alarm monitors for critical systems, such as public utilities.

We also stayed closely involved with Simma Software–a company whose products are lowering the risk of fatal highway accidents involving semi-trailers. We continued our work with NICO, a company striving to make even brain surgery less dangerous. Our collaboration with ABK Remote Drug Testing (ERAM) has helped communities reduce the risks of drug abuse and jail recidivism. And our work with Edgile, a leader in risk management, has helped that company’s market entry into governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Reducing risk was just part of what we did in 2017. We also helped SRAM improve software designed to get serious bicyclists the most out of their equipment and we gave Aardvark, a home inspection company, the tools it needs to turn around quicker and easier-to-understand reports for home buyers. And we rose to the occasion for Neoteric – a company whose hovercrafts are very often used in emergency response situations.

That’s just a small sample of what Ventures engineers did in 2017. There were many other excellent clients and projects keeping us busy. And because some of our clients require strict confidentiality, we can’t share information about all the projects we did. Suffice it to say, our work in 2017 involved us in a variety of industries – including aerospace, automotive, building automation, lab testing supplies, industrial process control, medical devices, and wire and cable.

So where will 2018 take us? We’re already welcoming some new clients into our fold and look forward to getting better acquainted. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their business and – not least – for the educational opportunities they provide for our student interns. Thanks to our clients, our students receive valuable work experience and the opportunity to apply their knowledge and creativity to real-world projects.

If you think Ventures would be a good fit for you and your company, please get in touch. We’d love to help you get the most out of 2018.